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Mr. Shivang Aggarwal (Founder and Teacher)  . He is an Engineer from PEC Chandigarh and has given 4 years of his life trying to become an IAS Officer but could not become one, as he is very passionate to serve his country. Now this passion is helpful to the students to create vision for their future. His motto of life is to bring smile and building confidence in students by helping and sharing knowledge with them. He is the supporter, guide and mentor to the students. At institute, he ensures each and every student is getting personalised attention and building positive attitude. Besides giving direction by his expertise, He is a role player in Administration, Conduct of classes and curriculum Planning and Management of networking.


Shivang Aggarwal has been a sought after coach, counsellor, and a career guide for young students in their late teens and has enabled them tide over their mental conflicts of making the right academic choice based on passion, purpose, competency and interests, leading a stress free scholastic life and living a life of full expression.

From his experience with students, he believes the students would have done a lot better and had they been stress free and this was possible if they had unearthed and understood their inherent strengths, weakness & passion for subjects early on in their teens, may be in class 8 or 9.

A large number of children who have reached class X or who have crossed over to Class XI today, have had no time or guidance to think of their career based on Inherent strengths, interest, passion, likes or dislikes.

Some of the contributors to child upset or stress or fatigue is generally attributed to a feeling of “overwhelm” or too much to do in too little time. On careful analysis, the actual set of contributors to the child’s upset or anxiety or stress could be any or all of the below:

  • lack of indepth conceptual knowledge of core subjects at scholastic level
  • lack of guided performance analysis
  • lack of guided personalised study plan
  • lack of good career guidance,
  • fear of the highly competitive landscape for professional course admissions
  • fear of losing self respect &reputation by not pursuing a popular course in UG level


When the stress builds up and the time to decide comes closer, most children pursue a career “not by choice” but “by push”, most of which is just unguided or self inflicted.

Further, it is probably true that in today’s busy academic environment, both at school and outside school, particularly at the high school and pre-university level, the system of teaching core subjects such as math, science, social science etc is probably based on a model that does not excite, ignite or kindle interests in the student to study the subject deeper, form opinions or views that will propel a passion to study deep, create interests for research or for entrepreneurship etc.

Mostly the study of science and math at school level is limited to clearing the board exams with “flying colors”. Clearing the board in “flying colors” needs no significant conceptual clarity. All that is needed is temporary memory capability from which children can reproduce the content verbatim.

There are subjects beyond math & general science such as language or economics, Business studies, political science, sociology introduced at the high school level but the number of takers for the same even at Higher secondary (class XI & XII), let alone the college level, is far less than the number who purse Math or Science purely for the sake of professional course admission.

It is all of these potential national waste that the academy will serve to save in a small way and work to prepare students to have conceptual clarity of core subjects early on, develop liking to some of the core subjects of Math and Science, discover or uncover their passion and strengths, dream of their future and make right career choices that may or may not be “popular” in the eyes of the world as yet.

Saraswati Vidyamandir will ignite the young minds to be self expressive, imaginative, self disciplined and role models for the generations to come and lead the country into the next few decades.

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